Ken Moss Bursary

Principal terms and amount

The bursary, which will be awarded by the Directors of the Sydney Latin Summer School, is to enable a person to attend the Sydney Latin Summer School who would be unable to do so without financial support to assist with accommodation and subsistence costs in Sydney for the duration of the week of the Summer School. Preference will be given to an intending student who at the time of applying for the bursary either:

  • is a student at Newcastle University or at a school in the Newcastle area; or
  • lives in the Newcastle area.

The amount of the bursary is $500. The closing date is the end of December 2018.

How to apply

Applicants should write a letter of application and send it via email to the Co-Director of the Latin Summer School, Robert Forgacs. Applicants should arrange for a letter of reference, preferably from a teacher or University lecturer, to be sent independently to the Co-Director to arrive by the closing date. The letter of application should give an account of the reasons why they are seeking financial support to make their attendance at the Summer School possible, and how this attendance would benefit them.

Additional terms

  1. The successful candidate is required to produce a brief report of the work undertaken at the Summer School which the successful candidate attends with the help of the bursary and of the benefit which the successful candidate obtains from attending.  The successful candidate is required to deliver the report to the Directors of the Sydney Latin Summer School within 21 days after the conclusion of the Summer School and to send a copy to each of:
    • Ken’s widow, Mrs Glenn Moss; and
    • Anthony Alexander (or another member of the Sydney Latin Reading Group),
    both of whose addresses a Director of the Latin Summer School will supply privately to the successful candidate for this purpose.
  2. In any year the bursary will be awarded to one person only.
  3. Subject to the terms of this bursary, the Directors of the Sydney Latin Summer School will have absolute discretion in awarding the bursary and their decision will be final.


This bursary has been established by the Sydney Latin Reading Group, a group of approximately a dozen members who meet regularly to read Latin in Sydney’s CBD.  The inspiration to form the group, of which Dr Ken Moss was a founder member, came from the Sydney Latin Summer School which all our members attended and where we all met.  Many of us began to learn or re-learn our Latin at the Sydney Latin Summer School and the idea of continuing to meet in order to develop our Latin reading skills was born at the Sydney Latin Summer School.  A photograph of our group as it existed a few years ago is attached.  Ken is front and centre wearing a red T-shirt bearing the words Le Dieu Ocean.

Ken arranged to make the board room at Boral and, latterly, at Centennial Coal available for our fortnightly Saturday morning meetings and acted as our informal chairman.  He also organised our programme of meetings and played a part in selecting the authors and works that we read.

Our group meant a great deal to Ken, and he to us.

Apart from his working life as a member of the boards of several listed companies in the mining and banking industries, and as chairman of a couple of these, Ken maintained a lifelong interest in the Ancient World, principally late Republican and Imperial Rome.  Ken also maintained a lifelong interest in his old university, Newcastle University, and prided himself on his Novocastrian origins.  In 2012 he was appointed Chancellor of Newcastle University, a position which he held until his death.

Ken died tragically on 12 October 2012.  We miss him deeply and have decided to set up this bursary in his memory.